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Cyberstalking Threat

Stalking is a pattern of harassing or threatening behavior.  While we generally think about physical stalking, we are increasingly aware of cyberstalking.  Physical stalking may involve following someone, appearing at a person’s home or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving messages or objects, or other unwanted behavior. Cyberstalking involves using the Internet or other[…]

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Personal Injury Settlement

Haskin Law pursues personal injury claims aggressively. Our recent recovery of $100,00+ is the result of settlements with insurance companies arising from damages caused by an intoxicated driver. Call us to discuss your personal injury claim.

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Employment “Consulting”

Haskin and Associates offers clients hourly rate legal consulting. To better serve some of our small-business clients and potential plaintiff’s in employment claims, Haskin and Associates will offer hourly fee legal employment consulting. The service is intended to protect employers and employees alike by resolving disputes before they reach the[…]

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Employment Claim Settles

Haskin and Associates settles another employment claim. After suffering from a serious illness, the client brought suit for violations of the Family Medical Leave Act. Her termination became effective the day after she returned to work. The fact that she was the number one performer on the team prior to[…]

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Former Georgia State Student Bar President Working with Haskin and Associates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE(Free-Press-Release.com) November 10, 2010 —The former Georgia State University Student Bar President, David Purvis has associated with the Atlanta Law firm Haskin and Associates, LLC. The firm is located in Atlanta and handles myriad types of cases including domestic issues, personal injury, employment problems and criminal matters. Purvis,[…]

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