Cyberstalking Threat

Stalking is a pattern of harassing or threatening behavior.  While we generally think about physical stalking, we are increasingly aware of cyberstalking.  Physical stalking may involve following someone, appearing at a person’s home or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving messages or objects, or other unwanted behavior.

Cyberstalking involves using the Internet or other electronic means to harass. Web-based analytics and tracking software are readily available to help an individual establish a pattern of harassment and intimidation. This software may be integrated into a website or a mobile phone to capture relevant information to be used in your case.  If you are experiencing anxiety due to harassing and intimidating behavior that is happening online, consider speaking with an attorney.

An attorney might be able to help with a temporary protective order or a similar legal tool to stop this behavior.

Cyberstalking may be a serious threat to your safety.

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