J. David Haskin

J. David Haskin

J. David Haskin

J. David Haskin is an Attorney practicing throughout Georgia. He has worked with the Hornsby Law Group, the law firm Spruell Taylor and Associates and the Metro Conflict Defender. Haskin handles criminal law matters ranging from misdemeanor offenses to major felonies. A growing number of Haskin Law Group clients seek assistance with domestic and civil matters. Haskin and his associates have also represented clients with employment matters and in personal injury cases.

Mr. Haskin’s career before he began practicing law focused on law and Politics. He served as the Legal Aide to the Speaker of the House of the State of Georgia, researching proposed legislation and preparing opinions on its effects on existing Georgia law. Subsequently, Mr. Haskin represented various organizations, including Siemens Building Technologies, at the Georgia General Assembly.

Haskin has been an instructor of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of West Georgia and Georgia State University. He has taught classes in Introduction to American Government, Constitutional Law, Public Budgeting and State and Local Finance. He has presented papers and published in the area of Public Law. While at the University of West Georgia, Mr. Haskin helped create the Murphy Center for Public Service. His roles included Government and External Relations as well as Business Development.

Haskin has extensive experience providing consulting services to public agencies. Services have included Professional grant preparation to numerous federal programs, Grant Management, Establishment of Not-for-Profit Organizations, Conducting compliance reviews of Personnel and Related Policies and Performing Wage & Benefit Comparability studies. Haskin also has experience as the Executive Director of a non-profit agency.

In addition to his Juris Doctorate degree from Georgia State University College of Law, Haskin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of West Georgia. Haskin completed his coursework and proposal for his Doctor of Philosophy at Georgia State University.

Haskin is licensed to Practice Law in the State of Georgia and memberships have included the Georgia Bar Association, the Cobb Bar Association, the National Employment and Labor Association, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

He is married to Sarah Haskin. She is the Vice President of Operations at the Guidant Group and was formerly the Deputy Director of the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council. They have three children and live in Marietta.

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