Charged with a Misdemeanor in Cobb County

Always consider speaking to an attorney even if the Charges the government has prepared seem petty. There may be collateral consequences, such as loss of a driver’s license, for those who enter a plea without understanding the law.

It is important to protect yourself, your record and your reputation when you are charged with a crime. Preserving your resources, rights and reputation may be easier than you think — – And more important!

Is a Dismissal Possible?

Some Cobb County cases may be dismissed outright even before trial. For example, Diversion may be an alternative to a criminal sentence for those who are eligible. For some charges – Possession of Marijuana, Shoplifting or Minor Possession of Alcohol – your lawyer may be able to petition to keep you from being criminally prosecuted. Upon completion of certain requirements, the case against you may be dismissed. The Solicitor’s Office in Cobb County only considers those applications received by your attorney. Rather than going before the Judge and pleading guilty to an offense, options such as diversion In instances where diversion is not available, there are often alternatives available beyond what is being initially offered by the Cobb County Solicitor. An Attorney can help you explore all legal options before simply entering a plea of “Guilty” or “Nolo.” You may have issues in your case that will make its prosecution more difficult and, thus, allow your attorney to negotiate reducing the charges against you or maybe even getting them dismissed.

You may be innocent of the charges against you and need your attorney to help you make the Solicitor have to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to a judge or jury. Whatever the facts of your case, immediately seek the advice of counsel before speaking with the prosecutor who is charging you with a crime.

The consequences of a misdemeanor offense, even those that seem trivial, can include jail time. While community service, expensive fines, loss of your license, classes, evaluations and probation are typical punishments, it is also the longer term effects on your record and reputation that must be protected.

An experienced Cobb County Georgia attorney will investigate your specific misdemeanor offenses in order to gain a full understanding of the facts and circumstances of your case. Then that attorney will work with you and for you to reach the best outcome.

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