Underage Drinking at SunTrust Park/Battery

Minors drinking alcohol at SunTrust Park or the Battery beware. A new program of the Cobb Solicitor’s Office will allow for dismissal of a first-time under-age drinking charge but it is going to cost you. Similar to the current pre-trial diversion program, a minor caught drinking for the first time at the park or in the Battery district, will have to hire an attorney to be eligible for dismissal of the case. While this will cost some money, it is probably a good thing because it ensures that each person eligible for the program is treated the same and also provides guidance from someone with knowledge of the process.

If accepted into the program and it is successfully completed, the participant can expect to have the charges dismissed and the record of an arrest restricted from the view of potential employers in the future. However, this is a one-time deal. A second arrest will not be treated as favorably.

In exchange for this courtesy, the minor can expect to miss out on live ball games at SunTrust Park for a year. Additionally, community service is required as is a hefty $300 application fee. The participant will also be expected to complete a state approved evaluation for drug and alcohol as well as any approved treatment along with attending an approved victim impact panel. Long story short, kids are better off going to the game sober and enjoying all the other action at the park and in the district. Go with friends, have a good time and avoid the hassle of dealing with a charge of underage consumption.

Just avoid the trouble if you can. If you can’t or don’t…contact our office and we can help you.

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