Former Georgia State Student Bar President Working with Haskin and Associates

( November 10, 2010 —
The former Georgia State University Student Bar President, David Purvis has associated with the Atlanta Law firm Haskin and Associates, LLC. The firm is located in Atlanta and handles myriad types of cases including domestic issues, personal injury, employment problems and criminal matters. Purvis, who worked as a Law Clerk prior to passing the bar, is developing skills in Civil Litigation. As a new attorney, Purvis is developing skills in litigation including drafting complaints and navigating discovery in various types of litigation.

Mr. Purvis finished law school in the spring of 2010. He spent the summer working part-time with Haskin and studying for the July Bar Exam. Results were posted at the end of October and Purvis received the good news that day. Purvis was formerly a Manager at Guitar Center but has always been interested in practicing law. Like so many graduates of Georgia Law Schools, Purvis was relieved to finally get his results so he can begin working in his chosen field.

Haskin commented that: “I am ecstatic for Dave and know he is going to be a great lawyer. He has worked with me for a couple of years as a law clerk and I am looking forward to working with him as a colleague. Dave is going to be a welcome addition to the Georgia State Bar Association.”

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